Hot Banana Web CMS
Right in tune with the localization theme at this week's Gilbane Content Management Conference in Boston, Web CMS and Analytics vendor Hot Banana have unwrapped some sleek additions supporting multilingual content delivery and the localization process management. Automation is the keyword, though as we all know, only part of this featured picture.The new multilingual capabilities are being delivered in the form of a plugin for the Hot Banana Web CMS. The addition to the core product was developed by a third party, Connexion Corporate Communications -- a Belgium business-to-business multilingual communications agency and prominent integrator of Web content management software in Europe. The module will be made available to all Hot Banana channel partners and clients. From the Hot Banana management UI, site publishers can send web pages, portions of pages and even entire websites to an XML-compatible translation memory system (TMS), such as DejaVu, Trados or SDLX. Once human translators have edited the content in their TMS of choice, their translation work is sent back to Hot Banana's Web CMS for publication. The translated content, navigation, metadata, pictures and links appear in the same layout as the original pages, which the Hot Banana content manager or editor can then choose to further validate, get approvals on, or publish. Hot Banana has engineered-in the strong potential for symbiotic partner development efforts. Connexion is licensing the multilingual module directly and thus building a revenue stream from the existing Hot Banana client base. "We strategically built Hot Banana as an open platform to allow partners to add modules easily," said Krista LaRiviere, Hot Banana's General Manager. "With the launch of this add-on, Connexion went beyond customization to monetization. We're eager to see other channel partners follow their lead." And truer words have never been spoken. Hot Banana is a ColdFusion Web CMS solution built upon Adobe's ColdFusion MX technology. The product is available as software-as-a-service or as a licensed offering. It complies with the Unicode language standard, enabling it to handle non-Roman character sets, such as Chinese, Arabic and Punjabi. The company was acquired in August of this year by J.L. Halsey Corporation, who at the same time grabbed web analytics vendor, ClickTracks.