iAPPS v2.8 Comes With Blogging Capabilities and SEO Enhancements
Bridgeline's (news, site) updated its business suite yet again. SaaS-based iAPPS 2.8 focuses primarily on bettering search engine optimization (SEO) and social networking capabilities within iAPPS Content Manager, Bridgeline's Web CMS software. Version 2.8 brings to the table enhancements such as URL redirection, automatic XML sitemap creation, blog management, and CAPTCHA.

The Importance of SEO

Raise your hand if you've ever changed the name of a page on your website. If your hand is raised, congratulations, you're human. If it's not, congratulations, you've never suffered from a 301 redirect headache. We envy you.

Search engines like Google are pretty awesome, but even the Internet overlords hiccup when the name of a webpage is changed. This is because search engines are simply built to direct a person to a page that has been indexed, whether or not that page is still functioning. So, if you change the name of a page, you have to institute a redirect unless you want visitors who find your site via search engine to be hanging out in dead space. Of course, none of that matters if you use Bridgeline's software since version 2.8 comes complete with auto-generated 301 redirects. Yay for automation!

iAPPS v2.8 also automates XML sitemap creation, which Bridgeline considers another overlooked SEO standard. XML assists search engines in discovering all pages on a website, even those that aren't available for indexing. In addition to providing a search engine with the URL, XML sitemaps also dig up bonus data about each page, such as when it was last updated. All in all, these maps are pretty nifty. With automatically updated maps, iAPPS 2.8 aims to give users an opportunity to be noticed and up their page rank without lifting a finger.

Web 2.0

And what would an update be these days without a little Web 2.0 action? iAPPS v2.8 features a series of two-dot-oh enhancements that many of us have come to know and love such as:

  • Blog creation and management
  • Page commenting and rating
  • Rich media management

A new tool within Bridgeline Content Manager reportedly makes the addition of a blog to any iAPPS-managed website a very simple process. As for getting social and the inevitable maintenance that tags along, the new post and comment management tool should inspire a conversation or two while the new CAPTCHA functionality is around to make sure that comments come from participants of the living and breathing variety. A text editor and user registration form are also along for the ride.

They're Doing Something Right

"Our development teams take tremendous pride in developing world class, interactive technology solutions for our customers," said Thomas Massie, Bridgeline President and CEO, after the company's win at this year's WebAwards.

Three sites built with Bridgeline's software took home awards, to be exact: One for Outstanding Website, another for Technology Standard of Excellence, and a third for Education Standard of Excellence. You can root around for more information on the awards here,  or you can do what many seem to be doing lately and go straight to Bridgeline's site to get involved.