Slashing the price of Web Content Management, IBM announces Workplace CMS Standard Edition. The LWWCM standard edition offering is a full featured version, targeted at the dreamy SMB slice of the market. "Workplace Web Content Management Standard allows us to go aggressively at the mid-market," says Michael Loria, IBM Lotus director of marketing.Important restrictions keep the price down. Namely the standard edition can only be licensed for up to 4 CPUs, it can have no more than 20 content authors, and can only be licensed for one server. "The only constraint is around the license, the feature set is the same, it's just a licensing upgrade to extend to a greater commitment" Loria said. The new release of Web CMS will not be available until the end of January and will start with v2.5 of LWWCM. It will come with support for both Domino and Java platforms, and will run on AIX v5.x, Linux x86, Win 2000 Server, and Win 2003 Server. The list price is USD 9,999 per CPU and includes a one year maintenance contract. The full version of Lotus Web CMS is USD 39,999 per CPU, including maintenance.