IKS Workshop: Semantic Search in CMS - Fact and Fiction
Interactive Knowledge Stack (news, site) has a new workshop planned for November 12 in Rome, Italy to discuss what is needed for its proposed semantic open-source CMS framework.

The IKS project started at the beginning of 2009 with the big idea of creating semantic features for CMS companies to benefit small to midsize businesses. Sponsored by the European Union and partnering with several universities, research outfits and software companies, it will use the upcoming workshop to gain ideas and insight into what users want.

The €6.5 million project will then convert those lessons and information into the Interactive Knowledge Stack. This software stack of techniques, components and specifications will help existing and future CMS products work with semantic search, as and when it becomes a requirement of CMS tools.

The workshop is looking for insight from those in the CMS space, particularly vendors, users, open source developers and others who can help shape development of the IKS. To catch up on the latest results from the project, you can check out the site's blog to see what happened at the first workshop in Salzburg and who was there (including representatives from Plone, Drupal and Jahia), and also catch up on the latest developments.

The two questions being asked in Rome: What exists in terms of search tools that can be developed further? And, what kind of information will we expect from CMS?

If you have an opinion then why not join up and venture it to the team?