Immediacy Launches Latest Web CMS

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Running a mid-sized business that needs a Web CMS immediately? Have no fear, Immediacy is here! A recent acquisition of the Mediasurface group, Immediacy has announced the launch of Immediacy Web Content Management Suite 6.0 (WCMs 6.0), the latest release of the Immediacy content management suite, a solution that’s been implemented in over 350 organizations throughout Europe. Built using the latest .NET 2/3 technology, Immediacy has been designed for both scalability and flexibility.Immediacy WCMs 6.0 includes MOSS 2007 integration as well as enhanced search optimization features and taxonomy features designed to drive compliance, personalization and relevant search results.It also includes a number of new enhancements for social networking including RSS, OpenSearch, Robot.txt, PDF output and blog capabilities. Here is a list of some of the main advantages of Immediacy WCMs 6.0:* The Immediacy SharePoint connector is designed to allow the not-so-technical users to publish accessibility compliant content directly from SharePoint.Aside from the obvious advantages this entails, information can also be captured from any number of sites and published directly into SharePoint without a direct integration, reducing the amount of duplicate data and ensuring site standards are maintained as MOSS 2007 is implemented in more and more organizations.* The Taxonomy and Categorization Manager utilizes a number of snazzy algorithms to extract from any page or document key words, key phrases, and a summarized description.This data is automatically categorized against a taxonomy or folksonomy, improving the quality and relevance of search results and making it easier for users to edit and extract, rather than originate this information.* Immediacy WCMs 6.0 automatically generates the XHTML-validated code that search engines like Google prefer, improving search engine optimization, a benefit that we could all appreciate.* Like any self respecting Web CMS suite, Immediacy WCMs 6.0 includes all the mandatory Web two-point-oh features including the obligatory “My Page” and profile features as well as blog capabilities.Other new features have been added to further improve usability, user adoption, and speed of deployment.Their beefed up Deployment Server, for example, has been engineered to speed up the transfer of content from the staging environment to the production server, letting users deploy larger websites, improved disaster recovery, and allow swift upgrades with zero downtime.Now that’s what we like to see!For more information on Immediacy Web Content Management Suite 6.0, visit the Immediacy website.