In an October 22nd article InfoWeek reviews three of the leading Hosted Content Management (CMS) solutions -- Clickability's cmPublish, CrownPeak's Advantage CMS, and iUpload's Content Manager. All three products rated well, with CrownPeak pulling out a nose ahead in the areas of flexibility, management, and integration.CrownPeak Advantage CMS "CrownPeak's CMS is a complete CM system that's both extremely powerful yet won't confound business users," the publication noted in its review of content management systems. "The system's three main advantages put it in the top spot." The evaluation praises CrownPeak for its connectivity to other systems, its flexible user interface, and for its ability to take normally time-intensive tasks and reduce them to a matter of minutes. InfoWeek Rating: 8.6/10 iUpload Content Manager Priced on the lowend of the spectrum, iUpload is giving the others a run for their money. The feature set is reasonable for larger clients, but on the whole, Content Manager is probably geared more towards simpler deployments. It has flexible workflow and a convenient portal like interface for authoring and management tasks. Multi-site support is native as is the abiltiy to support multiple delivery formats such as mobile devices. InfoWeek sums thing us with "Content Manager’s instinctive interface and publishing features compare favorably with those of lower-end CM systems such as Ektron’s CMS 400 or Red Dot CMS. But it’s iUpload’s price model that tips the scale in its favor." InfoWeek Rating: 7.9/10 Clickability cmPublish With a strong customer base in the publishing space Clickability offers a productive interface with easy to use search, custom content views, and a simple templating language (VTL). The ability to easily manage significant numbers of users and complext permisions make this a solid choice for larger publishing teams. "Clickability has done a good job with permissions and workflow. Checking off a few blocks is all that’s needed to assign users to various groups and to specify whether someone can access the staging or development servers", states InfoWeek's Mike Heck. The ability to extend cmPublish with native add-ons is also a big plus for Clickability customers. Things like newsletters, subscriptions, polls, and analytics can be quickly plugged-in to extend native functionality. InfoWeek Rating: 7.4/10 Read the full article.