Ingeniux's New Virtual Hosting SAAS Plans
Ingeniux, an enterprise 2.0 WCM provider, has recently started offering three new SaaS packages for Ingeniux OnDemand, its hosted web content management solution. The new approach is called "web content management by the slice" (hungry yet?) and allows customers to buy exactly as much of the Ingeniux CMS software as they need -- without the headaches of hardware and bandwidth -- all in a hosted environment.

Subscription Levels and Pricing

Ingeniux OnDemand Virtual Server packages include:* Ingeniux On-Demand VM Essential (for up 15 users and 1 web site) * Ingeniux On-Demand VM Pro (for up to 50 users and 3 web sites) * Ingeniux On-Demand VM Enterprise (for up to 200 users and 20 web sites)Ingeniux OnDemand packages start at US$ 1,900 and include Ingeniux CMS software, managed CMS hosting and technical support.

The SaaS Advantage for WCM

Jim Edmunds, Ingeniux president and CEO, explains why SaaS as it applies to web CMS is more efficient, scalable, affordable and customizable: "Software-as-a-Service has become increasingly attractive to our customers: it is less expensive, presents a greener, more energy efficient footprint, and is easier to manage and deploy."But there are other reasons why a virtual server approach to Web CMS could work out well:* Virtually unlimited control* Easier upgrading process* Ability to set custom schedules for upgrades* Unlimited customizations* Better performanceAbove all else, it can result in an extremely flexible solution, and that is something probably desired by many customers. But the SaaS approach to WCM is not perfect and we can also think of some of SaaS cautionary tales.

Ingeniux Gears Up For More Action

All these SaaS virtual servers will require plenty of resources. This is why Ingeniux has decided to open up a second data center in Las Vegas, NV, stocked up with energy-efficient computers, extensive storage and security capabilities. This facility will serve new software-as-a-service customers. They will also offer geographical redundancy with "mission critical data requirements."Ingeniux has been providing hosted, XML-based WCM solutions since 2003, and it appears that they are ready to move to the next level.