Injader Releases Version 2.4 of Simple Web CMS
Only a month after Injader released v2.3.2 of its web content management system, it has upgraded by almost a full point with release v2.4. This latest release comes with a couple of major improvements and assorted changes to the earlier version.

Originally created in 2005, under the name Majestic, to upgrade websites that were being coded by hand, the self professed goal of Injader is to create a system that enables everyone to build their own website.

Currently available for download at SourceForge, it dispenses with what its creator Ben Barden describes as ‘flashy’ technologies and offers sites that are not only easy to use for the owner, but for their public as well.

Simple CMS Trend

Injader is only one of a number of simple web content management systems that are coming online, most of which appeared with the economic downturn.

That is not to say that economics is the driving force behind them as some like Injader, Surreal, modx and CusyCMS appeared when you could still smell roses.

But with competition getting tougher, some companies are turning to the lower -- lower in the sense of smaller -- end of the market where there appears to be quite a customer base.

While none of these solutions are going to find their way into the web department of a multinational company, the fact that there are so many of them about surely shows that there’s money to be made here.

Simple Injader

Injader is one such system, whose progeny you can trace all the way back to Majestic 0.9.15.

Since then upgrades have appeared at a staggering rate, with a number of upgrades incorporating v2.3.1 and up, coming out over this summer alone.

The sites built with Injader focus on easy navigation, and easy use of plugins, templates and permissions. This is, as it says on the logo, content management for everyone.

Injader v2.4

But what about v2.4. Well v2.4 comes with three principal improvements on previous versions.

posting editor[1].jpg

Injader posting editor

They include:

  • Editable theme settings that allows anyone to change their themes using a new settings interface instead of having to go into the PHP file.
  • Improved caching allowing for rapid upload of sites.
  • Content permissions that allow site owners to decide on who can publish articles onto their site, or whether they have to go through approval first.

And then there are the small changes, which should make things easier for novices.


Injader databases

Amongst them are:

  • A preview option for the comment form that allows users see how their comment will look before going to publish.
  • Extension of title field to 125 characters (approximately 25 words).
  • Easy importation of error sheets into spreadsheets.
  • Easy URL editing that will allow you check to see if the file exists first before proceeding with alternate path suggestions where they don’t.

Currently available for download, you might want to do it soon, unless you want to wait for the next upgrade -- which should also be soon, if current form is anything to go by.