Intranet Administration Just Got a Little Easier in Intranet Connections

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SQBox Solutions, Ltd.(news, site) has released version 10.5 of its Intranet Connections software. The newest release continues to focus on mid-market customers who desire a full-featured intranet platform without the headache of complicated deployment, administration and pricing. Version 10.5 has several enhancements -- all with a focus on ease of use for customers. 


It’s All In the Box

At the mature age of eleven, Intranet Connections is not a Web 2.0 newcomer. Version 10.5 comes five months after the major 10.0 release that introduced an integrated chat client, employee hub and enhanced workflow. The product now includes twenty core tools, which provide the foundational features of the platform like document management, and fifteen social tools, designed to improve user adoption.

Intranet Connections is a self-hosted solution that runs on Windows server with Internet Information Server. It also requires Cold Fusion, which comes bundled with the product. While Cold Fusion skills are not required to use the products, organizations should consider that ColdFusion has a lower adoption rate than competing web technologies such as ASP.Net, PHP and Java -- this could make development resources more difficult to obtain.

Key Feature: Ease of Use

Version 10.5 improves on the existing tagging capabilities by adding a management interface. The management interface makes it easier for administrators to perform common tasks like creating tag groups, reordering tags and moving tags between groups.

A new menu builder is also in the release. Administrators can now create horizontal menus using a drag and drop interface that requires no coding. Menu items can be added, re-organized or linked using the tool.


Intranet Connections menu builder interface

Learning Opportunities

In addition, the latest Intranet Connections version includes an enhanced HTML editor that better integrates with Microsoft Word, multiple file upload tool and simplified user administration.

Not Priced Like SharePoint

Intranet Connections’ focus on simplicity extends beyond software to its pricing model. The product has a list price of US$ 8,500.00, which includes:

  • Adobe ColdFusion full license
  • unlimited users
  • unlimited publishers
  • one-hour training session
  • full support and upgrades for one year

A maintenance package is also available for the annual cost of US$ 1,450.00.

This pricing strategy sharply contrasts the approaches of competitors, such a Microsoft, which often requires a specialized spreadsheet, a sales call and swearing to calculate. For example, using list pricing for SharePoint Server 2010, a 1000 user internal only deployment, in a three-server farm would be approximately US$ 104,377.00.

SQBox continues to focus on a comprehensive features and ease of use. Organizations seeking an intranet platform that can be administered by non-technical personnel and sophisticated features should certainly take notice.