A few weeks ago Gerry McGovern wrote that the key to creating a successful company intranet was saving employees time, otherwise, what’s the point? Intranet Connections must have been paying attention. 

With the newest release of their intranet 2.0 CMS platform, the providers of out-of-the-box intranet software offer features designed to improve the collaborative intranet. Version 10 allows administrators to simply manage software while benefitting end users with engaging intranet interactions.

Chat Widgets, Advanced Forms, Improved Workflows

Users can now collaborate with one another via an intranet chat client. Such functionality allows chat widgets to be created for the intranet home page or department hubs so that they can focus chat opportunities with company support techs. As well, users can send out admin-only alerts through chat windows to all (or selected) users to broadcast important information.

Automated processes aimed at simplifying the submission of online forms have also been updated. E-Form Builder allows users to create electronic forms with a point and click interface and features a comprehensive search and reporting utility within form responses.

Thumbnail image for tools_formbuilder_snap.gif

E-Form Builder lets employees to fill out forms online; submissions are stored and viewed through the e-Form application, with quick views, sorting filters, and permissions for who can manage and edit form results.

Additionally, v10 also provides an interactive multi-stage approval workflow process, designed to provide advanced functionality, while keeping the user experience simple and intuitive on the front end.

More Features Designed to Streamline Information

Also included in the new release are other features that work to streamline information and community documents, like HTML web docs, and community sites for departments and project teams. The ability to generate RSS feeds to consume intranet content through various channels can be used for presenting job postings from the intranet to your public website.

Overall, Intranet Connections’ version 10 CMS platform makes it easier for companies to manage and build an intranet, while making it efficient for employees to work and collaborate.