Jadu just announced the release of Jadu CMS 1.7, which is prettier to look at, chock-full of handy new tools and friendly for non-technical and technical developers alike. And just as importantly as all these characteristics, it's also better-integrated with Microsoft Office. Multi-platform and intra-competitor collaboration is getting a lot more common these days, and for less than amiable reasons."We build our platforms to be the best for use in government and business and our active developer community ensures we continuously improve," says CEO Suraj Kika of Jadu. "Developers can now fully utilise the .NET framework to deliver added value features and functionality." The scalable new enterprise web CMS platform boasts the following new info management features: * A drag and drop Windows environment, which enables content-rich sites, intranets and extranets to be amended with simple word-proccessing functionality. * Marketing and content personalization, like the ability to build targeted homepage ads. * An interactive FAQ publisher * Web design optimized for search engines and cross-platform support, which means it meshes nicely with Windows, Linux and Solaris. "We see [the new Jadu] as a defining of modern content management systems -- highly usable, and totally cross-platform," gushes Kika. Kika's not alone in drinking the cross-platform Kool-Aid -- everybody, even Oracle, is getting cozy with competitors and multiple platforms in order to become the end-all brand for their respective industries. If you don't believe us, consider Jadu's competitive mission statement: to "provide the tools to organise information across the enterprise." Not just any enterprise. The enterprise. Reminds us a little of some heavy words Google's Bercovich recently delivered about Google being “the world’s largest content management system.” Looks like the enterprise content management pot is stirring. Last November, Jadu released a slew of Web 2.0 CMS features. A demonstration of Jadu CMS will take place at Internet World in Earls Court from May 1-3. Swing by stand W215 to take a look-see. Otherwise you can start tooling about with Jadu right here.