Here at J Boye 2009 the Web Idol competition is about to start. In the line-up we have 23 Video, e-Spirit, Kapow Technologies, Microsoft, Sitecore and TERMINAL Four.

JBoye09 Web Idol

J Boye '09 -- Web Idol Contestants Exhibiting Pre-Contest Commencement Consternation

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Web Idol is a semi-serious but mostly humorous event loosely based on the extremely popular (with people we don’t know) American Idol TV show.

The event is a fast-paced set of competitive demos. Select vendors present short demonstrations of their products, showing-off their fanciest features -- often the stuff most recently developed. For those that prefer succinct, comparative presentations to long-winded demonstrations, this is a session for you.

The judging is done by an expert panel of judges who primarily offer pithy commentary, but it's the audience who holds voting power over the final outcome.

[UPDATE: The votes have been tallied. It was TERMINAL Four in 3rd place, 23 Video in 2nd place and Sitecore who has taken home the massively awkward 1st prize trophy. Congrats to all for an entertaining reprieve from serious thinking.]

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