Joomla Open Source CMS

It's a couple of months since the long-awaited Joomla! v1.5 was released, and the OSS content management megalith has just jumped into the pit lane for its first minor upgrade. And it is a minor update, with little in the way of either user functionality or geek-end advancement. Has the Joomla! community fallen into a slumber after their midnight oil-burning efforts on 1.5? Or are they all off working on new modules and components to wow us and make them as rich as south-sea pirates? Only time will tell. Joomla! 1.5.2 in a nutshell: * non-gregorian date output now supported (to appease The Greys?) * no more server-dependency for date output * TCPDF upgraded * right-to-left language support * Supports gifs inline in generated PDF * OpenID fixes * Advanced article filtering options now available using Article Preferences At the same time, Team Joomla! announced a list of goals for 1.5.3, which includes updating OpenID library to 2.0, the introduction of unit testing, and reviewing reported CSS 'issues'. Meanwhile, all those on the old 1.0.x track are advised to upgrade to a new version, 1.0.15 (since late February), which closes a remote file inclusion vulnerability. Go visit Joomla! to download 1.5.2 or to check out a demo.