Joomla! (news, site) is great. A charming little exclamation mark here, a name we can barely (if at all) pronounce there, and most recently a low-level security fix.  

Wojmamni ana naiki, A.K.A. Joomla! 1.5.14 was released a mere eight days after the announcement of version 1.5.13, rather than the typical 6-8 weeks the open source CMS team usually waits for a follow up. The release fixes a total of 3 errors, two of which were small bugs introduced in 1.5.13, and a low-level security issue:

  • Security: In com_mailto, it was possible to bypass timeout protection against sending automated emails.
  • Components: Fixed error message in Media Manager
  • Plugins: Fixed callback error message in TinyMCE editor

Are you feeling all enchanted by prominent punctuation marks and fanciful names? Head on over this way to download the full package, or, if you already on the Joomla! boat, here to update.