Joomla Team Launches Joomla Resources Directory g
Calling all Joomla (news, site) fans! Back in January of this year, a seed was planted. That is, Joomla core team member Sam Moffat posted a blog entry that spawned comments around the desire for a better way to connect the Joomla community—specifically, users and developers.

A handful of similar posts followed on the Joomla blog, and the response from the community went from seemingly mild to “overwhelming,” as their website states. The result? The brand spankin’ new Joomla Resource Directory (JRD), which was pre-launched in May and finally went live earlier this month.

Bringing their new offering to the table along with much enthusiasm, the team claims that there's no easier way to find developers, service providers, and other valuable resources.

"We think this will be a great way to connect end-users and service providers in the Joomla Community," said Wendy Robinson of the JRD Team."Most small businesses can't afford to advertise on the sites and this will provide them wide exposure. With close to a million visitors and 14 million page views a month, the JED has proven that there is wide interest in products related to Joomla."

So far it looks like the majority of Joomla fans are pleased with the new directory, if only, perhaps, because they now have something to tide them over until the much anticipated release of Joomla 1.6.

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