Jumpbox,virtual appliances
Virtual appliance wizard, JumpBox, Inc., has announced the launch of JumpBox Open, a service that will give users subscription access to their collection of easy-to-deploy virtual appliances for Open Source applications. The announcement was made at the Under the Radar: The Business of Web Apps conference. JumpBox Open represents a departure for the firm who previously sold their applications and services individually. With a JumpBox Open subscription, users can access all the current and future JumpBoxes for the cost of what would amount to just a handful of individual JumpBoxes. "In a nutshell, JumpBox Open brings simplicity, selection and time savings to the world of Open Source software," said Kimbro Staken, JumpBox Co-founder and CEO. "Because JumpBoxes make it so simple to deploy applications, JumpBox Open provides easy solutions to most any business application requirements." There are 20 JumpBoxes currently available, and over 50 more scheduled by the end of 2008. Current applications include mainstays like Alfresco, Drupal, Joomla!, Mantis, MediaWiki, WordPress and Bugzilla as well as a number of lesser known apps like MoinMoin, TWiki, vTiger CRM and Cacti. JumpBoxes are useful virtualization tools that dramatically reduce the time and hassle of deploying Open Source server software. They enable quick, easy and affordable installations of these applications, saving businesses the onerous, expensive and time-consuming process of a standard deployment. The JumpBox library includes virtual appliances in 14 categories such as blogging, content management, customer relationship management, discussion forums, ticket tracking and wikis. "JumpBox Open brings the world of Open Source to anyone who can use a mouse," said Sean Tierney, JumpBox Co-founder and COO. "Being able to run the most popular Open Source apps in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee fundamentally changes the whole game." Visit JumpBox for more information.