With increased competition in the web content management space and the growing list of new things a Web CMS should do, Kentico (newssite) is working hard to keep up.

Kentico 5.5 is out the door officially and although we knew about some of the enhancements to the latest release of this web content management system, there is much more to see. Considering the number of new or improved capabilities you might wonder why this is just a point release. Take a look at the things coming in Kentico v6.0 and you'll see why.

Kentico 5.5, Interoperability is Key

A number of the improvements to Kentico 5.5 focus on interoperability:

  • Authentication via Facebook Connect and OpenID
  • Out of the box integration with the MetaWeblogAPI so you can write blog posts via MS Word for Windows LiveWriter
  • Out of the box integration with MS SharePoint enables organizations to manage content within SharePoint and publish it on their Kentico website
  • Support for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4
  • Support for Yahoo and Bing Maps


Kentico - Authentication with Facebook Connect

Kentico says that the need to support Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 was the driver for Kentico 5.5. Visual Studio 2010 was officially released on April 12, so they are a little bit behind, but not too far.

“The timing of Visual Studio 2010 release led us to the release of a minor version of Kentico CMS in which we also implemented several improvements that were demanded by our customers” says Michal Neuwirth, Product Manager at Kentico Software. “Namely Facebook Connect and OpenID authentication were the two requirements that our customers required most often at where we let our clients decide on the future versions. The release of this minor version of Kentico CMS allows us to quickly answer to our customers’ needs" he adds.


Kentico - Visual Studio 2010

Support for Multiple Channels

Along with support for a number of new external solutions, Kentico 5.5 offers the ability to create RSS feeds from any content through the use of webparts, and the ability to create mobile versions of a website.


Creation of Mobile websites

There's a lot more in this release, terms of new features and fixes. Here's the entire list

Kentico has also said that Release 2 of 5.5 should be expected sometime in Quarter 3 and will include an Intranet Portal Package -- based on an Intranet Starter Kit that should be out this summer -- and a number of hotfixes not included in this release.

Kentico 6.0 Is In The Works

You can never slow down in this industry as there's always someone working just as hard putting out new features, ready to take your customers away. And so we also have a peek at Kentico 6.0, which could be out as early as second quarter 2011:

  • A new online marketing package will include campaign and lead management, improved analytics (this smacks of WEM doesn't it?)
  • Support for Windows Azure
  • Lots of improvements for editors, including enhanced multilingual support
  • Bi-directional staging

And that's just a sample. Kentico has said that v6.0 will be one of the biggest releases they have ever put out.

It sounds like the next year and a half will be a busy time for both Kentico and its customers. This may be the start of their move into the Web Engagement Management market. We'll all have to wait and see.