Kentico Software, a Czech Web Content Management (Web CMS) software vendor, has updated their Kentico ASP.NET CMS product to v1.7, adding Web Forms and Staging capabilities. The new version allows business users to create, publish, and generate reports from on-line forms without any programming.Kentico CMS is a low-priced ($499 per web site) web content management solution providing a complete set of features to ASP.NET web developers. It offers content/design separation, workflow, permissions, multilingual support, full-text search, SEO, content staging, on-line forms and 27 built-in web controls. “The new BizForms module enables end users to easily create web forms without programming. It results in a shorter time-to-web cycle and higher interactivity of the site,” says Petr Palas, founder of Kentico Software. Version 1.7 introduces a BizForms module that allows content editors to easily create and publish data entry forms on the web site. The captured data is sent to e-mail and stored in the database. The editor can then create simple reports and export data to Microsoft Excel. Creating on-line forms, such as “contact us” forms, surveys or event registration forms no longer requires expensive development time. Instead, every business user can design a web form using various fields and add the form to a Kentico web page. Kentico CMS 1.7 also comes with new Content Staging module. It allows organizations to edit and preview the whole web site on the staging server and publish it to the production server after approval. This new deployment option support improved security configurations, as the content management interface can now be located completely behind the firewall.