Kentico Offers Integrated Social Networking

Kentico has been hard at work on the latest edition of their Web CMS. This new edition, still in beta, was recently demoed at the Gilbane Conference in Boston.

What's so special about the new version? It will include social networking features and functionality to enable businesses to build online communities and social networking sites.

The Social Networking Edition will be available with version 4 of the Kentico Web CMS. This new version is now said to be a complete solution offering content management, social networking and e-commerce in a neat little package.

Features of the Social Networking Edition are fairly standard for this type of solution. They include blogs, forums, polls, user-contributed content (wiki), groups, friends, message boards, content rating and improved membership management.

The solution handily comes with a Starter Community Site all ready to implement.

Kentico is joining the masses of content management providers offering an integrated solution of content management and social networking. This was to be expected. There's not much information on the new Social Networking Edition on their website yet, but you can learn more about their .Net-based Web CMS, including the free version available. You can also try out a Beta of Version 4.

The official release is expected before the end of the year -- but time is running out.