Czech firm Kentico has released v2.3 of Kentico CMS, an ASP.NET-specific web content management system. Kentico CMS 2.0 was released in late '06, so the company has had a bit of time to tweak and toy with v2.3. In particular, this fresh iteration of the v2 series soups up the old offering with community-building and blogging capabilities. In short, it better equips you to talk to strangers more easily - and improves the chances of strangers talking back. Isn't it a beautiful world?New modules in Kentico 2.3: * Web analytics. We started with this because the 'net makes it so easy to track the efficacy of campaigns, and hardly anybody can be bothered to do it. This function doesn't just track visitors; it tracks visitors specifically from online campaigns and conversions. Take advantage! * User contributions. "Community members" can build content on the front-end of your site without accessing the admin interface. * Reporting. Otherwise known as the more engaging sister to web analytics. Not only will it distill info about your site content and users' activities, you can also track edits and hunt down expired documents. * The requisite (RSS-ready) blogs and polls. The user contributions function mentioned above also gives users wiki capabilities if you (or they) so desire it. Feeling convicted? Kentico CMS costs a mere US$449 to US$ 1298 per website, depending on the type of feature set you choose. You may be going, "What am I going to spend a grand on a blog platform for?!" but remember, this is a full-featured ASP.NET web CMS solution. It supports SEO, multilingual support, workflow, content/design separation, full-text search, and about 60-ish or so configurable web parts. Check it out at the Kentico website.