Kentico supports Visual Studio 2008
.NET developer Kentico has announced details of the new version of it's Web CMS product which hits the shelves in mid-March. Dedicated as ever to the Microsoft stack, the Czech company's new offering assures support for Windows Server 2008 and the soon to be released SQL Server 2008. In addition, Kentico 3.1 will also support Visual Studio 2008 and IIS 7.0. Compatibility with Server 2000/2003 and SQL Server 2000/2005 is preserved in the new release.Powering over 600 client websites, including the likes of Guinness and Deutche Telekom, Kentico runs off a modular framework that enables specific site extension through Wikis, Forums, Blogs, booking systems, e-commerce and more. Layered membership is enabled through customizable roles, and tweaked through document-level permissions. An open API encourages third-party development, with Visual Studio integration adding further scope for coding imagination. User features include customizable workflow and versioning, content scheduling, multiple-language support and advanced file management. Your regulation WYSIWYG editing in the browser and all that stuff which you assume goes with the territory with any product which matters is also there. Want your Content Management on the Microsoft stack? Go to Kentico to learn more.