Kooboo CMS, Built on ASP.NET MVC

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There's a new Web CMS available for download in Microsoft's Web Applications Gallery. Kooboo comes from Chinese software vendor Yardi Technology Limited and is built on ASP.NET MVC.

The first open source version of Kooboo was released on Codeplex in August of last year under the GPL license. There are actually three versions: Community, Lite and Professional. Do a version comparison on their website. After this article was published, the Kooboo website was updated with the information that they no longer offered a professional version. We apologize for any confusion. They do however, provide a professional level support service.

Running on ASP.NET MVC v2, Kooboo is a currently at version 2.1 and offers many of the core features required of a WCM system, including:

  • Custom content types
  • Full text search
  • Role based user management
  • Workflow
  • Support for Webdav, Metaweblog, CMIS and RSS
  • Visual Page Designer

You can also create your own plug-ins and modules to work with Kooboo. There are a number of modules and plug-ins already available including blog, wiki, forum, search and Google Analytics modules (all available on Codeplex as well).


Kooboo CMS - Inline Editing

A Multi-Site Solution

Along with the ability to extend Kooboo with modules and plug-ins, you can also development multiple sites with one instance and sites in multiple languages. The CMS install package includes a Visual Studio solution that you can use to extend and create multiple websites to be managed.

Learning Opportunities

The Codeplex site recommends Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Web Developer  for development, but you should also be able to use Visual Studio 2010. Your backend can be either SQL Server or SQLLite.

Another ASP.NET WCM Option

A run through the Kooboo website shows they offer a lot of information to help get you started working with their solution. But you will need to get yourself up to speed on ASP.NET MVC before you get started or things may be confusing.

There an introductory video, but it moves really fast and there is no audio to go with it.

Kooboo is certainly an option to consider, along side Kentico, Umbraco and DotNetNuke, the other more well known Microsoft based open source solutions.