Many people are perfectly happy working directly with open source as it comes from the project that wrote it. Others prefer a bit more spit and polish. If you're in the second category, you might be interested to know that Lucid Imagination (news, site) has released a new version of its LucidWorks Certified Distribution for Lucene.

What LucidWorks Contains

LucidWorks for Lucene version 2.9.1 is free and includes:

  • Apache Lucene 2.9.1
  • An upgrade to all of the related utilities
  • Version 0.9.9 of Luke, a development and diagnostic tool for working with Lucene indexes
  • Additional testing performed by Lucid Imagination
  • Additional bug fixes from the current trunk of the Lucene project
  • The benefit of Lucid Imagination customer feedback
  • Tools from Lucid Imagination to ease both Lucene installation and deployment
  • Geographic-based search provided by the new Lucene Spatial contrib module

Why Lucene 2.9.1 Matters

If you haven't looked at Lucene 2.9, you're missing out on advanced numeric search and real-time search performance improvements. Tied together with Lucene Spatial, these additions can allow mobile users to do searches for, say, an Italian restaurant within five miles of where they currently are, and can get useful results thanks to the GPS in their mobile device and Lucene's quick handling of the information.

You can download LucidWorks now.