What's a Matchbin, you ask? Why, it's a website launched in 2002 as an automated barter marketplace. Later, it morphed into a wholesale web CMS-providin' do-hickey.The company offers three core products. Primary amongst these is Community Marketplace, a hosted Web CMS aimed primarily at local newspapers and other "customer-focused websites," with all kinds of dedicated support restaurant reviews, birth/death announcements, news stories and so forth. It offers support for streaming media, and various widgetized, customizable features for search, email digest etc. But Community Marketplace is also a platform for multi-profile social networking, which is rather more interesting, and text-message advertising, which is also interesting, but also more irritating if you're on some numbskull local rag's hit-list. Other nice features: one cited Matchbin customer, sorry Community Member, offers users the opportunity to manage ads through the website. There is also content scoring, and "Active ad-to-want-ad matching," which is far from useless. Some of the features are hit and miss, but there are enough of them to allay the inevitable suspicion that this is some half-baked 2002-vintage Wordpress clone with a lick of paint and a pricetag. Meanwhile, Servicefront builds sites for 'service providers' with maps, galleries, testimonials and other features of interest to businesses which want to get their information out there, but are not interested in selling online (eg. an electrician or a roofing contractor). And Matchbin Storefront completes the Matchbin set, building eCommerce websites for vendors with product management, shopping cart, maps, gallery and more. These three sterling products are aimed at small-scale enterprises and organizations. I have no idea how much they cost, because as per usual with CMS companies, they either do not have this information on their website, or they have it concealed in some cunning nook or cranny. In any case, that's what Matchbin is: A hosted Web CMS that's high on features, but low on information about things like cost and technical specs. But Matchbin offers some degree of power, advanced features and revenue potential to customers who probably need to know next to nothing about content management, CMS deployment, html, or even the web in general. Let's hear how much it all costs, before raising the two thumbs aloft. Here's a small-scale community website running off Matchbin. Users can add classifieds, add events, and score entries. If so inclined, visit Matchbin.