Announced today is version 2.0 of the MCMS Manager, a third party, open-source effort from an enterprising Sri Lankan MCMS geek by the name of Chester Ragel. Managing Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) is not as simple as it sounds. It can be difficult to diagnose issues at times and the provided tools just might have a tendency to leave you high and dry. If you play or depend on MCMS, this MCMS swiss army knife is not to be missed.MCMS Manager provides you with a Channel Browser, a Posting Browser, a Resource Gallery Browser, a Resource Browser, a Template Gallery Browser, and a Template Browser. Whew! Chester has just about left no stone unturned in his efforts to dig the data out of the guts of MCMS.
MCMS Manager
Its a simple install, with the one caveat that it must be installed on the MCMS server itself. That's a small bummer, but one we're happy to live with in the mean time. The project home is on Source Forge, but there are downloads and additional info both on Code Project and GotDotNet. Nice work Chester. If I had my way you'd be getting an honorary salary from dear old Microsoft. Yes, that's Microsoft, the ever so curiously silent owner of the Microsoft CMS.