One can get a little confused when a vendor has a few different names for their solution. MODx (news, site), an open source web content management system, is one of these that, if you aren't really familiar with the product and grown with it, you might not fully understand why they have two different names for MODx: Evolution and Revolution.

Let's have a look at the difference between the two and talk about the latest Release Candidate for MODx Evolution.

Evolution vs Revolution

We did speak to the basic difference between these two versions of MODx previously, but for the sake of our own clarification, let's look again.

MODx Evolution

MODx's history began back in 2004, as a mash-up of John Guerra's DocVars for Etomite and Raymond Irving's web user add-on. In 2007 it won Packt Publishing's Most Promising Open Source CMS award. Pretty decent for a web cms that was still not offering a 1.0 release.

In July of 2008 they were MODx, which they said at the time was the "completion of the original vision for MODx". At this point, they choose a name for MODx and instead of something boring like MODx Basic or MODx Classic, they named it MODx Evolution.

MODx Revolution

At the same time, work was happening on MODx 0.9.7. But this code base was different from that of MODx, it was a re-architecture and complete rewrite of the MODx platform. So obviously it needed a different name. Hence MODx Revolution was born.

Co-existing Peacefully

The plan is to have both versions around for a while to come. Naming them "put a stake in the ground" showing where one stopped and the other started. Each code base is completely separate for cleaner go-forward development.

MODx Evolution is currently at Release Candidate 1.0. MODx Revolution 2.0 is at Beta 1. We filled you in on what that Beta looked like a couple of weeks ago. Its release candidate is expected sometime this summer.

RC1 MODx Evolution

MODx Evolution 1.0.0 was quietly released late last week and it's being called Evo for short. There are a few things happening with this release, which is very close to being the final 1.0 version. It marks the transition of this code base, aligning with the concepts and terminology used in MODx Revolution. But don't worry, it still works as you expect it to.

Other changes in this Evo include:

  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Manager usability enhancements
  • A single new Manager theme (Carbon) and installer skin
  • Updates to TinyMCE and Ajax Search Add-ons
  • Language updates
  • File Layout Updates to make managing and upgrading sites easier.

The primary reason Evo is being released as a Release Candidate is because of the language updates in the reference English Manager file. This is to give non-english communities some time to update the Manager and Installer files. They are asking for help to do this as quickly as possible.

User Friendly URLs

This release includes a new User Friendly URL plugin. The plugin supports multiple transliteration methods. What this means is that you can auto generate user-friendly url strings in the language the website is being viewed in. And if you have a website that supports multiple languages, this will still work.

Get to Work

You can download Evo and get started on those translations. Make sure you report any bugs you find. As more information becomes available on this release and the final version of MODx Evolution, we will be sure to fill you in.