MODx Revolution 2.0 RC1 One Step Closer to General Release
Three years in the making, the release candidate for MODx Revolution 2.0 (news, site) is finally out the door. Time to start prepping for general release.

The Future of MODx CMS

Keeping in mind that there are two version of MODx running around, MODx Revolution is the future of the MODx open source web content management system.

"We're excited to see Revo moving out of beta, as it takes everything great about our classic code base, and re-envisions it in a modern architecture with Enterprise-level scalability," said Ryan Thrash, MODx's co-founder.

The release candidate comes with 240 bug fixes and enhancements -- this since the last beta release. What's new?

  • Faster Manager
  • Easier installation
  • Better rich text editing
  • A robust Packaging Manager for installing Add-Ons
  • A Native file browser

RC1 Expectations

It's important to note that RC1 is blank by default, so there's no demo installed. There are sample sites you can download to get you started.

You should also not expect to see a lot of third party resources for Revolution, but there are some and you can pick them up at MODx's Extra section.

If you've read enough, head over and download your copy of MODx RC1 now. If you haven't read enough, take a look at the release notes for RC1.