MODX Revolution 2.2.2 Open Source CMS Boasts Groups Creation Wizards
Only a few months after its major 2.2 release, MODX announces Revolution 2.2.2, with performance fixes and groups creation wizards.

Fresh on the Heels of 2.2

The MODX company started in 2004 and now has two open source content management systems, MODX Evolution and MODX Revolution, which is a rewrite of Evolution. In 2007, MODX Evolution won Packt Publishing's "Most Promising Open Source CMS" award, but by 2011, Joomla!, Drupal and Plone dominated the top three spots on the list.

In 2009, we looked at Revolution 2.0.0-beta-4 and why the company made a ground-up rewrite of Evolution. Revolution is built on a new core with open configuration options, new transport packages, the MODX Manager and new user system.

Although MODX tends to fly below the radar, the company claims a community of more than 31,000 developers and has remained a contender in the competitive field of open source CMSes. As Revolution 2.0 rolled out two years ago, MODX's Director of Channel and Community, Jay Gilmore, explained how the system compared to other players, such as Drupal. "MODx is for developers and organizations that want complete control and total freedom," he said, explaining that the variety of MODX sites all had a different look.

Learning Opportunities

With its manager and admin interface improvements and new features, Revolution 2.2 turned out to be a major release for MODX. The addition of Media Sources gave users an easier way to store site files with services such as Amazon S3 or Dropbox. Static Elements enabled developers to store and edit site elements on the filesystem, while Custom Resource Types let them create custom types, such as blog posts. A new add-on, Articles, includes built-in import functionality for WordPress, Blogger and other MODX blogs.

Revolution 2.2 also packed in more than 160 resolved issues and bug fixes, and included a user setting, Sudo user, which allows unrestricted access to the installation.

New in 2.2.2

The latest Revolution release provides two wizards for creating User and Resource Groups and the addition of User duplication to make it easier to create users while also preserving settings. This update obviously isn't as big as 2.2, but still worth considering an upgrade.