mojoPortal Upgrades Image Editing Features with TinyMCE

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With the release of mojoPortal (news, site), this simple CMS has focused principally on upgrading its image editing abilities with TinyMCE and FCKeditor WYSIWYG features.

The upgrade from the North Carolina-based company is focused on the optional ability to automatically resize images for the web or, in the case where images are already web-ready, the ability to turn this feature off.

For people working in companies that have a web department, but their principal business is not web development, this will be particularly welcome. Especially for content managers who have to explainto their less web-savvy colleagues that a10MB image is just not going to cut the cloth.

ASP.NET For Starters

But that is not to make little of a system that packs a lot of power under a surprisingly simple hood. Describing itself as a “starter kit for advanced ASP.NET web sites and portals.” mojoPortal has already had at least some time in the sun. It was named Best Other Open Source CMS for 2007 (Packt Awards) beating both Plone and Silva to the post.

At that stage the Web CMS had already built up an impressive list of features, most of which are still an integral part of this, the most recent release.

They included:

  • XHTML Compliant Content Management
  • MyPage Personalization with WebParts
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Event Calendar
  • Image Gallery
  • File Manager
  • Authentication against the database, Active Directory, OpenLDAP, Open ID or Windows Live ID
  • An Interchangeable data access layer with support for MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, FirebirdSql
  • Skinnable Design


Things have moved on since way back in October ’07 and so has mojoPortal.


mojoportal image editor

Learning Opportunities

What you get now has a lot of other features that make quite an impressive list. Apart from the current upgrade with the image resizing function there is:

  • Multiple sites hosting with one installation of mojoPortal
  • Content style templates have been built into both TinyMCE and FCKeditor, which allow editors to customize them and give access to site authors and publishers
  • Support through forums where any queries are answered, even if the answer is in existing documentation (and where this is the case they promise not to make you feel like an idiot!)
  • All-encompassing search features that give users the ability to search through blogs, forums and site content through the same engine.

Hate to nit-pick but . . .

We hate to nit-pick, but indulge us for a minute. On the mojoPortal website the company says one of their biggest problems with their short release cycles is release fatigue.

People, the site says, get tired of upgrading “but it is really up to them how frequently they upgrade. If the new release has new features or fixes that you're dying to have then you have the choice to upgrade.”

Problem here is that the roadmap hasn’t been updated (on the website) since last November so it is hard to know what is coming and when, although there is a list of near term project goals, some of which have been crossed out.

That said, mojoPortal is worth a look and can be downloaded.

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