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With the open source cms market being dominated by PHP/MySQL based solutions, our friends at Packt Publishing are recognizing content management systems written in other languages Thus with no further adieu, we congratulate mojoPortal for being named Best Other Open Source CMS for 2007. mojoPortal is written in C# and runs under ASP.Net on Windows or under Mono on Linux and MacOS. mojoPortal sports an impressive list features including: * XHTML Compliant Content Management * MyPage Personalization with WebParts * Blogs * Forums * Event Calendar * Image Gallery * File Manager * Authentication against the database, Active Directory, OpenLDAP, Open ID, or Windows Live ID * An Interchangeable data access layer with support for MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, FirebirdSql * Skinnable Design * RSS Feed Aggregator * Search * Localization * Ability to host multiple sites on 1 installation and 1 database * Easily Customizable User Profile If that list doesn't impress you, maybe the fact that mojoPortal beat out both Plone and Silva to win first place will. The official announcement from Packt Publishing can be found here, and more information about mojoPortal can be found on the official website.