Moodle Gets WiZiQ - A Free Virtual Classroom Add-on

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wiziq online learning platform virtual classroom
WiZiQ, the online teaching and learning platform, has launched the Live Class module for Moodle. The new add-on essentially brings WiZiQ Virtual Classroom to Moodle, enabling teachers to schedule and run online classes from the Web CMS interface.WiZiQ's Virtual Classroom enables teachers and learners to connect live from anywhere, offering real-time collaboration and communication, as well as archiving features, specifically geared toward the challenges of the online classroom environment. In short, it's "a free alternative to expensive conferencing tools selling as online teaching/learning software."Virtual Classroom features include:* 2-way audio* Text chat* Multiple participants* Ppt and pdf sharing* Whiteboard* Media file sharing including .gif/.jpg/.png, .swf etc...* Archiving - all sessions are recorded for review. But WiZiQ.com has more to offer than a virtual classroom: there is a content library, an open test section, teacher profiles, and free public sessions by experts. The Live Class integration with the free and open-source Moodle - regarded as an education-oriented Web CMS - will doubtless help extend WiZiQ's reach (they are currently in Beta). But why stop there, WiZiQ? How's about a WordPress module next?Harman Singh, the CEO of authorGEN Technologies, had this to say:"Easy-to-use tools for teachers with no learning curve, installation and download free and yet effective makes WiZiQ a unique e-learning platform." Harbir, the COO of authorGEN adds, "With the integration of WiZiQ in Moodle, we hope to make the access to a state-of-the-art virtual classroom for Moodle users, without them having to spend money on expensive web conferencing systems".Interested? Go check out WiZiQ to grab the free module, or to view a live Virtual Classroom demo. Of course the module will look quite silly sitting there in your /user/root without Moodle beavering away alongside, so some of you better totter off to Moodle.org first.