Movable Type 4.26 Released - Bugs, Performance, Security
There's a new version of the Movable Type (news, site) publishing system out. This latest release from Six Apart fixes issues, offers performance improvements and ties up one small security hole. There are no new features, no big wow -- but there was a bit of applause for a much sought after bug fix.

What's in Release 4.26

If you are a Movable Type Professional user, then there are some things in this 4.26 release that may help your site work a little bit better, but in general this has been labeled as an optional update.

Bug Fixes

Aside from resolving some bugs that got through the 4.25 QA process (or were deemed too insignificant), this release was all about improving existing features -- no templates or plug-ins are affected. Breath sigh of relief now.

Probably one of the biggest crowd pleasers is a fix to how lists of articles were filtered by category name. Users can now parse categories within a mt:Entries tag that include whitespace or logical operators. This bug was actually introduced in version 4.25 and made a lot of people unhappy. So for much of the user base, this is a welcome update.

Here are a few more of the bug fixes (view them all here):

  • Fixes to Backup and Restore
  • Fixes to a bug where the comment response did not return users to the entry
  • The method for parsing the categories within an mt:Entries tag has been fixed
  • Security fix for mt-wizard.cgi (this is a non-critical security fix)

Performance Enhancements

Movable Type 4.26 is a recommended update for Enterprise 4.x customers is related to the performance fixes. Specifically, there are fixes to the database indices to improve query speed which should improve search significantly and improved reliability and performance around TheSchwartz (an open source job queue leveraged by Movable Type that enables tasks to perform in the background).

Other low-level changes that are said to improve performance include fixes to: metadata saving and unnecessary reloading of the configuration while running MT under FastCGI.

Known Issues

There are a few known issues with this release, most notably with dynamic publishing. Remember that by default Movable Type statically publishes its content to the file system.

First, Dynamic Publishing and MySQL may garble characters outside of ASCII. This only affects clean installs and there is a workaround for it.

Second, you can't filter categories with logical operators in dynamic publishing and unfortunately there is no workaround for this one.

Six Apart recognizes that there are a number of issues with dynamic publishing and they claim -- somewhat cryptically --  to be working on a global fix which will address these known issues.

You can download Movable Type 4.26 now, but as usual, make backups before applying any changes and read the release notes to make sure this is fix you or your clients really need.