Movable Type 4.31 is in the Oven, Nifty Plugins Abound
If you happened to notice something buggy going on with Movable Type 4.3, we can explain: there's a bug in it. The custom fields and new asset manager related pest has been acknowledged by the Movable Type (news, site) team, but as of now there's no available solution. Word is that version 4.31, currently being tested, will be up for grabs at some point this week.

In better news, it's a good day for yes-frills fans. There's a new Movable Type plugin called Image Cropper available, which allows users to--you guessed it--crop images. Additionally, an updated version of the More Custom Fields plugin has been released and features a “Selected Entries” field. You can link as many entries as you like to the field and the order you add entries in is also maintained.

As always, you can keep up with Movable Type tidbits here, but if you want to be the first to upgrade to version 4.31, you'll have to incessantly refresh this page.