Movable Type Fork Melody Hits v1.0 Milestone

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Since Six Apart (news, site) announced that Movable Type was going open source, Open Melody (news, site) has been one of the more popular forks of MTOS, especially with former Six Apart staff spearheading the project. Two years after, Melody finally goes on 1.0 release.

It took a while, but the Open Melody team has recently announced the release of Melody 1.0, which is considered a significant update, particularly for Movable Type 4 users. New additions include:

  • A streamlined code for better performance
  • Revision histories for posts, pages and templates
  • Redesigned entry management interface
  • Improved theme management
  • Theme exporting
  • Full-screen editor for posts and templates
  • New default theme
  • UI improvements
  • Improved documentation, which is now community-managed

A New Theming Framework

In the Open Melody announcement, Byrne Reese highlights theme creation and management as one of the key features of the 1.0 release. Melody 1.0 features a simple and intuitive theming language, which won't require knowledge of programming languages. Melody 1.0 will simply require editing a theme configuration file to make modifications.


Melody 1.0

Learning Opportunities

Compatibility with Existing Plugins and Add-Ons

Among the features that the Open Melody project creators wanted to keep is compatibility with existing and future Movable Type plugins and add-ons. This ensures that Melody will remain compatible with Movable type in terms of architecture, features and API support. Some community members have been known to install Movable Type Commercial and Community Packs, and have not encountered problems with using such plugins on top of Melody 1.0

Establishing a Home for MTOS

Apart from the features, add-ons and compatibility concerns, the Open Melody Software Group considers one thing to be the most important aspect of Melody 1.0 --the establishment of a home base for the Movable Type open source project.

Our most notable achievement however has been in providing a new home for the Movable Type open source community who, for years have been waiting for a platform they can more easily control, and a community that is more transparent and open to new ideas. 

Melody 1.0 is available for download at www.openmelody.org/download-melody.

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