Latest BizCom CMS Focuses on Compliance, SEO and User-Friendliness

An "Internet solutions company" and a newish player on the Web CMS and Simple CMS markets, BizCom (site) released a new v2.5 version of its modular content management system.

Some updates in this release are around compliance, SEO and form-building tools -- all with a strong emphasis on non-technical users.

Taking the Modular Approach

BizCom is a Web design and development company that uses its own, in-house built CMS. Powered by .NET 3.5 framework and SQL Server 2008, this latest update follows on from June's 2.0 release. The company can help with web design, development, hosting and CMS services and as a Microsoft partner offers Exchange Server hosting, SharePoint, OCS, e-mail services and a lot more.

Version 2.5 of the BizCom CMS adds several new tools, including a full audit trail for businesses that face an increasing burden of compliance and eDiscovery requirements, enhanced SEO tools and a new form builder. A page versioning feature keeps copies of all previous versions of a page and allows users to roll-back to an earlier version on demand.

For non-admin types a lot of the features are present in the form of simplified interfaces that require just a few clicks, rather than the need to ask a developer to do something. The core of the product offers a base-level CMS, which includes a single user account, text editing, change audits and a file manager. But there is also a host of add-on modules that can be added as needed. They include:

  • Multi-user management
  • Image resizing
  • Timed content management
  • Event registration
  • Search
  • Blogs
  • Polls

Timed content management helps admins activate or de-activate time-sensitive content at the appropriate moment. Event registration feature helps arrange and automate sign-ups for conferences or other events.

If BizCom provides the site design, then the base CMS starts at US$ 3,500 and allows users to edit existing pages only. Many pricing options are available for designers with their own sites.