Drupal 6 Social Networking Book from Packt
Long known as an open source web content management system, Drupal (news, site) has also recently been referring to their solution as social publishing software. Most web content management systems have some sort of social computing capabilities built-in now -- it's almost mandatory these days.

It hasn't exactly been clear though how you use Drupal to create social computing solutions, until now. Packt Publishing has come out with a new book in their Drupal series that teaches us just that -- how to build social networking sites with Drupal.

Packt Publishing has released Drupal 6 Social Networking by Michael Peacock, targeting readers who want to create social networking websites. This book takes the reader from social networking concepts and why they may want to create their own site, to creating their own social network.

What the Book Covers

Drupal 6 Social Networking guides the reader through the basics of installing, configuring and administering Drupal with an eye always toward the purpose of building a social networking site. Throughout the book, you walk in-depth through a fictional case study, giving context to the choices made throughout.

From there, the focus is on the core features of social networking sites, such as how to:

  • Enable user content generation through Drupal core modules for forums, blogs and comments.
  • Manage users and add modules that enhance their profiles, theme their blogs and use OpenID.
  • Make it easy for users to communicate with each other through module families such as Organic Groups and the friends module, and for you to communicate with your users through mailing lists and Twitter.
  • Build a simple module from scratch, walking through a specific project for the fictional site.
  • Customize the default theme so it looks more unique and to create basic custom themes.
  • Launch, secure and maintain your social networking site.

The book also devotes space for discussion of the all-important issue of how to promote your site and draw new community members. Topics such as Search Engine Optimization, traditional marketing and social and viral marketing are discussed, along with how to monetize your site.

About the Publisher

Packt Publishing (news, site) is a UK publisher that specializes in focused, solutions-based books helping people customize the technologies they've chosen. All books written for Packt that focus on open source projects pay a royalty directly to that project, contributing to its ability to continue.

If you purchase directly from Packt, you can get 15% off by entering the discount code DrupalSN15 when you reach the shopping cart. Packt books are available in both electronic and physical format.

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