New e-Spirit AppCenter Integrates Content Based Apps with the Web CMS

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European firm, e-Spirit (news, site), creates a central system for integrating almost any app into its content management system.

Appily Ever After

Apps are definitely the future, both in the smartphone and Web space. e-Spirit welcomes the potential threat of apps to traditional web content and CMS by creating a way to link desktop, cloud or SaaS applications into the CMS. The new AppCenter will allow content editors to provide information from these apps without leaving the comfort of their FirstSpirit CMS.

For companies with a range of apps that provide content to different applications or audiences, the solution will make it easier to provide the same information, at the same time, across that range. Apps could exist in SharePoint, FlashAdobe AIR, be part of a Google Maps creation or on a photo sharing site. The AppCenter will harness them all to make content distribution and management a faster process.


Integrate your web apps with your CMS

Take Control of Your Apps

The app programs are opened using a simpleone-click request in the CMS. Via seamless integration with theapps, data is displayed in the CMS and can be used, edited and published on a website, intranet or to any other channel.Data can be seen by publishing in a WYSIWYG preview for final checks.

Learning Opportunities

By opening up apps from within the CMS, users save time and energy in moving data from place to place. Building onthis foundation, the AppCenter API is suitable for the straightforwardintegration into the editing interface of existing applications, newdevelopments, customer-specific programs and third-party software basedon completely different technology platforms, including Webapplications.

Apps Everywhere

Some specific examples of apps that can be integrated include iStockphoto, flickr, Google Analytics, Google Docs, Baynote among many others. These use the basic elements that web editors are used to working with -- text, images and data -- but with a little design, this could expand into other areas as apps get more creative.

FirstSpirit will be demoing AppCenter at CeBIT in March. You can also check out some example videos on the product page.