WordPress (news, site) Image Editor is coming as part of version 2.9 to help those who want to add their pics within the CMS.

Trim and Fit Those Images

In-page editing of images hasn't even launched in WordPress yet and already there are arguments from users about whether it should be a core feature, a plug-in or if it should be there at all.

The feature for web publishers itself looks pretty smart with basic crop, rotate, scale and orientation features. It won't wow anyone who has used even a basic image editor before, but that isn't really the point.


WordPress will offer a slick but simple set of editing tools for your images

For the humble user with a few pictures to add to their blog it provides an instant way for them to trim and fit them into a post. It also provides WordPress with neat trick to add to its product feature list and comes in handy for mobile bloggers with no access to more powerful tools.

The feature came third in a recent poll of user-requested features, it is only fair that user get what they asked for.

Not Competing With Other Editors

For more advanced bloggers armed with a copy of Photoshop, Gimp or other editor, it will be business as usual, filtering, resizing and cropping away down to the last pixel of accuracy. The photo gallery and embedding functions that topped the poll are also being worked on as features for the new release.

Remember if you are a WordPress user that you may need to upgrade your system from an older version due to the threat of a recent worm. Version 2.9 is due for release, with the big 3.0 next on the list of major milestones.