OmniUpdate 8.6 Released, Improves Editorial Usability

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OmniUpdate 8.6 Released, Improves Editorial Usability

OmniUpdate (news, site), a higher education sector CMS specialist, released version 8.6 and added a global find-and-replace feature in its OU Campus CMS.

The new global find and replace feature was added after much feedback from a recent OmniUpdate user conference. It works pretty much like in a word processor. A literal text or regular expression can be searched for, previewed to confirm it is something you want to change and then replaced with the new term.

Plain text can be searched, as well as HTML, CSS, XML and other code. So, admins can replace also code segments. If left to run automatically, the find and replace feature can make changes to as many as 5,000 files per second, says OmniUpdate.

Initially, changes are made to files on the staging server, so a test can be run to make sure nothing is broken before accepting the changes on the live site. Not happy with the results? 

Learning Opportunities

Use  the rollback feature.