Open Source CMS concrete5 Adds eCommerce Module

concrete5 CMS (news, site) recently announced GA of their first eCommerce add-on -- coreCommerce.

With SMBs in mind, concrete5 is putting this low-priced offer on the market and giving folks yet another option of selling their goodies online.

Cheap and Easy

The coreCommerce module costs US$ 95.00 per domain and includes a pre-baked block of code that can be used by developers and designers working with concrete5 open source CMS.

If customizations are needed, there are several formatting options available.

Features of concrete5 eCommerce Module

Aside from formatting option, what else can it do? Well, coreCommerce, at the very least, is a “really nice tool-set to build a basic eCommerce site with.”

concrete5 corecommerce interface.png

concrete5 CMS coreCommerce Interface

Some features include:

  • Metadata and multiple images for products
  • Multiple currencies support
  • “Guest” checkout
  • Searchable Product List
  • Integration with PayPal and payment gateways
  • Shipping and discounting capabilities
  • Ability to add sales tax as a percentage based on your geographical rules

For more features info and videos, head over to the docs section.

What Do the Users Say?

Some of the feedback was not quite as positive as one would hope for. For example, there’s no recurring/membership billing capabilities, but concrete5 says that’s going to be yet another add-on on top of this one. Run the upgrade script before doing anything serious to avoid those annoying errors.

Apparently, the shipping and tax parts of this eCommerce module are something folks are struggling with as well. Check out the comments for additional insights.

Growing the Commercial Add-ons Marketplace

You can find the eCommerce module in concrete5’s marketplace of commercial add-ons. The company claims the marketplace is growing and includes a variety of app choices ranging from US$15 to US$125 built by both the vendor and various outside developers contributing back to the open source community.

The nice thing about the marketplace is that concrete5 CMS shares revenue with contributing developers following the Apple's App store model.