Packt Helps Put the eZ in eZ Publish

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Packt Publishing, whose Open Source CMS awards we covered in considerable depth recently (here, here and here), is a book publishing company who specialize in producing books by and for IT professionals.Their latest title deals with the eZ Publish Web CMS product, and provides a comprehensive guide to deployment and management of eZ Publish based projects, as well as general information and tips on Web CMS project-management.Our friends at Packt have aimed this most recent offering at project managers running an eZ publish Web CMS project who want to learn how to better run their project, or want a better understanding of the processes and techniques involved.'Managing eZ Publish Web Content Management Projects' is the title; and it will teach you approximately this:* Key differences between traditional web development and web content management projects, plus how to write specifications for your project, and all that initial, necessary, excruciatingly boring stuff.* Content modeling in eZ Publish* Pricing your project, and all that terribly depressing kind of thing* Configuring the eZ Publish development environment* Risk management applied to eZ Publish (yawn)* Content population* Maintaining and supporting your eZ Publish projectsIf I were Packt, I'd rip out those chapters on risk management and seriously uncool stuff like that, and insert some sex scenes or gratuitous violence instead.But it's too late now: maybe they'll let me do a book on 'MOSS: Body Snatchers Edition' or something. It's got 'Hollywood' written all over it.eZ Publish is an open source Web CMS which comes all the way from sunny Norway. It has found particular favor with European and South American users.Version 4.0, currently in alpha, features multilingual URL support, amongst various other features and is aimed at non-English speakers.eZ Publish both serves as an enterprise scale, fully featured Web CMS, and also as a development framework for intranets, extranets, portals and e-commerce.The book is authored by Martin Bauer, who is the Managing Director of DesignIT, an Australian Content Management practice. It will cost you just over $40, and if it sounds like your kind of thing, you can purchase it here at Packt's site.