Attention PacktPub.com account holders! In December 2008 the company decided to enable the copy and paste feature on their eBooks. That announcement spawned loads of requests for the removal of password protection as well, and in this case, the little guy’s voice was actually heard. After considering the increasing popularity of reading books on portable services, PacktPub took the advice of their customers and announced the immediate removal of all password protection from their eBooks earlier this week.

The bad annoying news: If you own a Packt eBook, you’ll have to download it again from your account to get rid of the password protection.

With a ton of aim to please, PacktPub is not only listening to their customers, but giving them cool stuff as well. Their site is currently offering 30% off of all their eBooks for the duration of March, and has also released a free download called Building Websites with Plone by Cameron Cooper. Originally published in 2004, Cooper's book quickly became a definitive book on the Zope-based content management system. 

For more details regarding Cooper's book, other free books and discounts or if you have any additional suggestions you'd like to offer up, just visit Packt's site