Tectonic plates are shifting in the CMS market and at Pantheon, a start-up that came to market just over two years ago and is actively positioning itself to be the leader. And in the increasingly open source area of the web content management, you can’t to do that without a heavy hitter who knows both marketing and how to engage with developers.

That’s why Matt Stodolnic, a Pivotal, VMWare and SpringSource vet, is a perfect fit for Panthoen. He has joined the company as its senior vice president of marketing and alliances.

Tough Job

And believe us, Stodolnic has his work cut out for him, not because of Pantheon’s products, but it's management’s ambitions. Zack Rosen, one of Pantheon’s co-founders has called his company “A big badass platform that will run 30 percent of the Internet.”

Stodolnic is a veteran of championing market-disrupting solutions though. And Pantheon may be the first company of its kind to leverage multi-tenancy and the efficiency that technologies like Containers can bring to the WCM market.

Learning Opportunities

Not only that, but with a pedigree like his (and a good product) he should have no problem wooing developers and partners to the platform who have been dying to get the boring and ugly stuff out of their jobs by letting Pantheon, which uses a SaaS model, wire databases, tune web servers and manage code.

And speaking of containers, you can bet that Stodolnic will know how to pitch their benefits over running software on virtual machines. Not only has he worked at Pivotal which champions their use, but also at VMWare which has a slightly different philosophy. We’re talking pros and cons.

It’s worth noting too that he may have a nice bundle of cash to play with, Pantheon raised $21.5 million in May.