PaperThin Moves WCM to the Cloud with CommonSpot Cloud
This week PaperThin (news, site) announced the release of CommonSpot CloudTM, a SaaS version of its Web content management system. The new platform was designed to enable marketers to create and deploy Web experiences with a quickness independent of IT. 

In his explanation for the product, founder and president of PaperThin, Todd Peters, highlighted the pressure on marketers in today's on-demand era: "Organizations want better results, faster. CommonSpot Cloud removes IT from the Web management equation so marketers can easily combine their creativity with our powerful content management capabilities for better results without encountering bottlenecks," he said. 

The primary benefits breakdown like so:

  • High Impact Results: Marketers can create SEO enabled, interactive, and community-focused websites for driving new business and strengthen brand presence.
  • Multi-channel Optimization:Optimizing digital content and campaigns is possible across all Web channels, including social media and mobile devices. 
  • Fast Time to Market: Implementing Web strategies reportedly takes weeks instead of months.

Moreover, because it's hanging in the cloud, capital expenses for software licenses and hardware get the boot, making CommonSpot Cloud a viable alternative in exchange for fewer resources. 

“CommonSpot Cloud lowers Web operating costs and administrative burdens, frees up IT resources, and improves reliability and scalability," continued Peters. "This offering is perfect for those seeking leaner, cloud-based Web infrastructures. While we remain committed to our on premises, ColdFusion-based solution, we’ve added this new cloud-based option to round out our offering with choices that meet any organization’s needs regardless of size, budget, platform, or resources.”

PaperThin's new platform is available on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) at four basic price levels: Express, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. It can also be customized to each customer’s specific needs. 

Check in out in its fully glory here