Percussion, a Web CMS developer perhaps best known for its show-stopping product Rhythmyx, has announced the culmination of a partnership with NavigationArts. NavigationArts is a Web consultancy that specializes in client-side design and development.Together the companies hope to get the world beating to a more sophisticated Web CMS drum -- one that yields a better user experience, with fine-fettled multi-channel capabilities. "We have been working closely with NavigationArts for nearly two years and our joint customers have seen the fruits of our partnership," gushed CEO Barry Reynolds of Percussion. "With Rhythmyx, our goal has always been to provide the highest quality WCM solution, and we add significantly to the value we deliver by partnering with user experience leaders like NavigationArts." Indeed, the "user experience" -- or, put bluntly, aesthetic and usability aspects -- of a solution are oft shelved to the side by function-obsessed purists. And indeed, Rhythmyx has features worth envying: it integrates information easily from a wide number of sources, thereby enabling developers and designers to transcend technical constraint. And the solution certainly isn't shunned by clients with sharp eyes. In February Rhythmyx was selected by Dundas & Wilson to solve an overwhelming document management issue characteristic to scaling law firms. It never hurts to get a little more pleasing in terms of form and feature, but it would be foolish to suggest the benefits are one-sided. CEO Leo Mullen of NavigationArts called Rhythmyx a "strong WCM solution" capable of yielding "one cohesive user experience." He added, "This partnership advances our goal of forming alliances with content management leaders [...] to benefit our mutual customers." Ain't that sweet.