And no, we're not talking about Hobbits and dancing.Percussion Software's Rhythmyx was recently tapped to soup up Shire's intranet platform. This change is part of a complete intranet relaunch for the global pharmaceutical company. UK-based Shire is a hive that supports over 4,000 working bees the world over. With revenue marked at US$1.7 billion, it is the third largest pharmaceutical company in the UK and its intranet, first launched in 2002, must now support the growing demands of a large, sprawled and multi-faceted team. The ideal intranet solution for an enterprise of this scope permits personalization while allowing users to access company information from one clean interface. On top of that, Shire needed live two-way communication support, blogs and the ability to password-protect certain pieces of information. Rhythmyx 6, Percussion's most current version of the enterprise-ready Web CMS system, is just such an offering. For organizations seeking a streamlined support model for multiple online properties and the ability to recycle content, Rhythmyx makes it simple to manage information across different lines of business. Recently they solved a major document management issue for law firm Dundas & Wilson which, like Shire, experienced the awkward unwieldiness that comes with a growth spurt. Like a fine wine, Rhythmyx only improves with age: as Shire grows, increasing the amount of content contributors and editors, it will be easier to reuse and refine rapidly-generating content across departments and countries. This reduces internal processes and ensures the existence of content as dynamic as the needs of its company. Shire's European applications director, Mike Longden, comments on this unique feature. "As Shire continues to grow and change, our intranet needs to grow with us. We are confident that Rhythmyx can meet our needs. It is also reassuring to know that the system supports corporate governance as well as accessibility and that it has the ability to operate with new technologies as required further down the line." Shire isn't the only company concerned about an intranet refurb, either. Central Desktop recently did the pharma one better by developing turnkey intranet, perhaps best described as a boon for enterprises seeking to revisit adolescence with an aesthetic (but virtually ADD-ridden) Web 2.0 relaunch. Speaking of ADD, Shire is a specialty pharmaceutical company that focuses on attention deficit disorder (ADD) and hyperactivity in addition to human genetic therapies, renal and gastrointestinal disease. To give Rhythmyx a whirl, check out the Percussion website.