Plone open source web content management system
Version 3.3 of the Plone web content management system is on its way, and the Plone Foundation is inviting all and sundry to help test during its short beta cycle. Come one, come all, pound on this baby and make it great.

New with 3.3: Features Added, Bugs Fixed

A number of enhancements and bug fixes are included with this release, such as:

  • Link type automatically redirects when accessed directly but not logged in.
  • Resource Registries allow use of conditional comments in CSS to specify code specifically for Internet Explorer to process.
  • Use of INavigationRoot standardized to follow consistent conventions.
  • Minor internationalization improvements, such as upgrading to PloneLanguageTool 3.0 and PlacelessTranslationService 1.5.
  • Disabling inline editing by default.
  • Make it easier to register ExtensibleIndexableObjectWrapper for providing values for indexable attributes.
  • Improved file change lock handling.
  • Removal of unused auto-sort and auto-order code remaining from Plone 2.1 as it was never used.
  • Rather than only showing workflow history in the history viewlet, show all history data there.
  • Subscribe to Plone events using the iCalendar standard.
  • Automate Plone plug-in installation with z3c.autoinclude files

How to Participate

Go to the Help Test Plone 3.3 page. Either update a 3.2 test instance using the instructions on this page, or download the full beta from the Plone 3.3 release page.

If any add-ons break or you encounter problems while testing, see the Plone development workspace to file your tickets.