polopoly goes mobile
Polopoly wants to take their user-generated content capabilities mobile. They've determined that the best way to do this is via the integration of a mobile offering called AIMO from Arena Interactive.This new partnership between Polopoly and Arena Interactive will see Arena's mobile platform AIMO integrated with Polopoly's web content management system. Customers of both systems will be able to receive MMS and SMS alerts as Polopoly articles. They will also have access to a range of mobile services including SMS-push of news, dating, payment and user-generated content like Voting and Rating. Of course all of these applications may not actually be built yet -- but it's still possible.

What is AIMO

AIMO is a web-based toolset for mobile solutions from Arena Interactive. It supports text-messaging as well as full-fledged mobile applications (like SMS-dating - just love saying that..) and works via SMS, MMS and WAP. The system contains over 100 hundred different functions that should let you create any number of services.

Supporting Their Media Customer Base

Arena Interactive's main customer base is newspapers in Finland and Sweden. Media is also Polopoly's main customer base so it stands to reason that they would have a number of customers in common. "We intend to make life easier for customers using both Polopoly and Newspilot. Our co-operation aims to launch an integration module that can be offered to all our joint customers", says Jan Laurén, Business Development Director of Arena Interactive. This integration sounds like it will focus on user-generated content capabilities already built into the Polopoly Content Management System. And we all know how important UGC is to the newspaper/media industry today. This may be just the ticket for Polopoly to really sell their CMS. Recent studies also indicate that millenials love their mobile devices and it's this market -- yes, they love giving us their opinions -- that is being driven hardest in Europe and China.