Push Your SharePoint Content to Non SharePoint Websites

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Who says you have to pay for all those SharePoint licenses to have your SharePoint content available on a public website? GOSS Interactive says you don't -- if you use the GOSS iCM SharePoint Connector.

Ah, there are workarounds for everything these days aren't there?

Another SharePoint Connector

Yet another SharePoint Connector comes to the market that enables us to easily access content stored in SharePoint. In this case, the GOSS iCM Connector for SharePoint lets us push selected SharePoint content to a website that is not a SharePoint-based website.

A nice idea for those organizations who use SharePoint internally for collaboration, but do not use it on their external website. They may want the content that is inside SharePoint out there, but they can't afford the cost of the SharePoint Internet License (roughly US$ 40k ).

Another Piece to the Puzzle

Of course, how does it exactly get to the website is another question. The connector is between SharePoint and GOSS iCM itself. GOSS iCM is GOSS's content management system. It would be this Web CMS that supports the non-SharePoint website.

The synchronization between SharePoint and this Web CMS ensures one version of your document or item.

How It Works

It's all related to workflow. When an item is added or updated in a list, a workflow is triggered. This workflow talks to the iCM Connector, allowing it to add, edit or delete the item from the GOSS iCM Media Library.

Learning Opportunities

Once the workflow is configured, the content is automatically synced up with the GOSS iCM and ultimately your website. Although automatic settings are probably the norm, the workflow can also be manually triggered by someone with the appropriate SharePoint privileges.

This is a browser-based solution that is easy to install and GOSS says it requires only minimal training to use.

Picked Your Web CMS Yet?

If you haven't picked your Web CMS yet, or if you already use GOSS iCM, and you are looking for a way to get your SharePoint content into another website, then take a closer look at the GOSS iCM Connector for SharePoint.

Otherwise, just add this connector to the list of SharePoint connectors we like to talk about that connect SharePoint to other content management systems.