Adaptive Path
Selecting, implementing and maintaining a web content management system is a complex process. Whether you’re struggling with a content management system, about to install one, or wondering if you should, getting a little guidance from a professional can help you quickly navigate some of the common hurdles. Content management systems are billed as solutions to all of your Web site woes. They can also cost your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why do so many CMS projects fail?According to San Francisco-based consulting firm Adaptive Path, CMS solutions fail to deliver because companies don’t recognize that content management is a process, not a technology, and as such, requires planning to ensure success. Those of you in or around the San Francisco bay area can join in on Adaptive Path's upcoming workshop "Make Your CMS Work for You". The one day workshop is suitable for web managers planning a CMS installation, information architects, visual designers, editors, and other content producers. It runs 9am - 5pm on January 25th, is located south of Market (SOMA) in San Francisco, and covers the following topics:
  • How CMS Projects Fail
  • Building the Team
  • Targeting Objectives
  • Assessing Content
  • Developing Metadata
  • Designing Templates and Components
  • Workflow
  • Authoring Interfaces
  • Content Migration
Interested parties can sign-up today.